When was the last time you picked up a book for fun?

According to the blog by Elisabeth Eaves, Why Write Books, the book industry has been “in decline” since at least the 1930s. However, the industry seems to be handling technological change with poise; unlike the music industry and the newspaper companies. The Kindle has made new books available in digital format which makes buying a book much more convenient.  There are also print-on-demand contraptions which help to keep books from going “out of print.”

Recently, publishers have stopped paying lofty advances to authors for books and it seems to be helping everyone. The authors find it to be positive because if they “earn out,” or make the money back for the publisher they will be regarded as a modest success and would be more likely to get another book deal.  

With the emergence of social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter, authors have begun to use these as a means of promotion. Authors no longer depend on publishers to get the word out. Becoming an author is a personal choice, one that must consume you. You must really have a love for writing. Ray Bradbury once said, “You must stay drunk on writing so reality cannot destroy you.”

My personal feelings on reading and writing are mixed.  Books are certainly relevant in our society today and they will continue to be. For thousands of years we have used words written down to portray a message or tell a story. Each generation of humans are born and then eventually die off and through books we can learn from the previous generations. Sadly,  I am not an avid reader because I am a student and find that my time is used more wisely studying my class books rather than enjoying a good read. I have however enjoyed a book or two and find it extremely relaxing to sit down with a book and become enthralled within it. I tend to read non-fiction books that will help me to learn a particular subject or improve myself as an individual.

I honestly do not see myself becoming an author because I don’t have the patience or the love for writing that is necessary to sit down and create a book. I use my creativity for other things such as architecture, music, and photography. Hopefully our society will continue to produce authors for they are an important means of communication and I have a great deal of respect for what they do.

    • D. Arnold
    • September 25th, 2010

    There is something about holding a book and turning the pages. With non-fiction or informational material, I like to highlight and tab pages that interest me. Months or years may go by before I return to the book again to revisit the knowledge I previously bookmarked.

    Recently, I started lending out self help books to people close to me. I ask them to bookmark items that they think relevant, so we can discuss our thoughts. This is a way to stay connected and open communication opportunities with family, friends and co-workers.

    Lately, I’ve been reading mysteries. I like to shut off work in my mind and try to solve the mystery before I reach the end of the book. Reading is such an important part of my life that without it, I would be lost.

    • Kate St. Arnold
    • September 29th, 2010

    If it was not for the witty Tucker Max I do NOT think I would have made it out of college alive. I find myself reading a book every night before bed to relax and forget about the day. Now at work I read a book a day ( Today was Walter the Farting Dog!) to my students and have them talk and write down there reactions to what we read. Reading literature will never go away, but it is by personal preference to what you choose to read. I feel that everyone should test out all sorts of genres to find there taste ( self help books only made me feel like I was a crazy person but found that adult contemporary books are fun, and easy reads) now for the old fashion book versus the kindle, iPad or anything else of that nature I prefer a good ol’ paperback UNLESS I pick up Atlas Shrugged …then I might invest in a kindle 🙂

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