Jumping into the social media world all at once. I am interested in many different topics. Most of which will be business related and valuable to everyone who is interested in  creating a Self-brand. I am excited to learn about this blog world and to grow with each of you. Feel free to comment or follow me on Twitter or on LinkedIn! Below I have included a Seller’s Profile I created for a Sales Proposal:

Thomas Griffin graduated from the University of South Florida with a Bachelor of Arts in Business Administration with a marketing major. While working on his degree, Thomas worked part time at Accurate Health & Financial Services. While there, Thomas assisted customers with their health insurance needs and found that his excellent interpersonal skills served him well when dealing with challenging clients. He consistently exceeded management’s expectations and was ranked as a top performer.

The qualities that have brought Thomas professional and academic success have also allowed him to reach many personal and team goals during his 18 years of competitive baseball and softball.  Here in Tampa, Thomas coaches a local co-ed softball team where his enthusiasm, dedication and commitment make him an outstanding leader. This past summer, Thomas coached his team to the city championship and an undefeated season at 18-0. Acting as the coach and playing as well required Thomas to be impartial, enthusiastic and committed; qualities that make him enjoyable to work with.

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